Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Humbled at Big Horn

Short version is I finished!! I almost did not, I was seconds from being dropped at mile 34 (where I had to quick leave without even being able to fill my water bottles),and except for the end of race I was the last person making the cut offs. I had my ankle pain come back right from the start so the wonderful long downhill advantage I thought I had were lost. The course was absolutely breath taking. There is no way to see this remote mountain course without doing it. It was so very different than driving through- it was so fantastic!!! Pictures do not do it justice, it doesn't show the largeness of it all.

The long version I had been working on for a few days I decided to can it and just leave it with the short version.
I have not run since the race, I my ankle and up into my shin still bother me. I won't be doing Afton even though I am signed up. Too bad I wasted my money. I had wanted to wait till after Big Horn but didn't know registration would be extended. I was pretty sure right after I wouldn't be able to run for at least a few weeks since it was worse than after FANS and two weeks was not enough from after that.
So what to do after this? I don't know I am signed up for 1/2 Voyageur -I see how I am doing.
Maybe I just need to concentrate on being a better runner before I do any long races. I think someone at Big Horn suggested that but I can't remember who or when or if someone said it even. Maybe it was just me.
This was my favorite race so far, even with me doing so bad.


Blogger Wayne said...

Congratulations, Karen! That sounds like a great race, and a tough one. You had quite a couple weeks with FANS and then Big Horn. Hopefully you'll be healed up in time for the Half Voyageur!

July 1, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

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