Friday, December 14, 2007

About time I wrote something

2007 was a good running year for me. I did 50 miles four times and last month did a 24 hour race and got 100 miles in. I had 14 marathon or higher races in all. Rock and Roll Arizona,
McNaughton 50mile, Trail Mix 50K, Superior 50k, Fans 12 hour (57miles), Grandma's, Afton 50K, 1/2 Vouageur trail marathon, vouageur 50 mile, Paavo Nurmi marathon, Superior 50mile, Twin Cities, Whistle Stop marathon and Ultracentric 24 hour race (101.75).
I am not sure what is next. I want to go to Kansas to do the 50K there early February there but I have the problem that my family (Husband and daughter) just think I am totally selfish to spend the time and money on something only for myself. I think my husband thought that after the Ultracentric I would just get it out of my system. Well, it doesn't work that way, I want to run more and do harder races not less. I would never think of wanting to hold them back at something that they were good at. I am not like real good or anything, anybody could do the races I do- they just need to want to and have to be as selfish as I am I guess.