Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting ready

Without a race for a few weeks, I have had time to concentrate on training and it feel sood, Been doing some speed work- yasso's around the track (this is more for in prep for twin cities in early Oct then Superior)early moring runs with Linda and Jenny and getting out for some hill repeats. the last hills session this past wednesday really gave me some sore calf muscels which did not feel good again till today.
This will be a fun week with only 3 work days. I will be heading up to superior very ealy Friday morning in time to do a a little voluntering at an early aid station then up to packet pick up and hopefully a good nights rest before the big race. This will be my 2nd Superior 50 miler, after doing the marathon twice, not to mention doing the spring 50K twice. This is by far my favorite of all places I have been to to run. Nothing beats the SHT.
I am more excited for my 100 mile friends who will be running the race then nervous or excited about my own race. They have made this year very interesting and I give all of them so much credit for doing it. I want to do the 100 but not yet... I am not an overly cautious person but I know my limits and I am not at the level it takes to do the 100 miler here yet. I shouldn't underestimate this 50 miler, as it sounds like it will be pretty tough with the new start. I will miss the out and back because the old way I was able to see everybody, all the marathoners and other 50 milers and most of the 100 milers. I still need to figure out if I need drop bags for anything, I really hate to bother with extra stuff.
My plan is to run how I feel. Sounds simple and it is, just run as fast as I can up to the point of feeling uncomforatable with the exception of letting myself feel uncomforatable on some uphills. If this year was the same as last I would say I would be about 1/2 hour faster, a bit under 13 hours, I think I was like 13:25 or so last year, with the harder course and the longer milage I have a goal of 13 hours.
I am so happy this is a holiday weekend and I get an extra day off.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paavo-My number 40

Now that summer is winding down thought I had better make some time to write- especially before I forget everything.
Last weekend was Paavo Nurmi marathon. This was my third Paavo, I love that marathon, nice small crowd and fun party after.
Wayne had sent me a link to a u-tube on the Paavo so I was especially looking foreward to getting back to Hurley WI. My friend Deb and I were in the last few seconds- I said "feels good" as I showed my metal. I sort of remember that- I think the question was "how does it feel to have finished the Paavo Marathon".
My time was slower, no big surprise on that last year I think it was 4:35 this year 4:50. I am glad it was better than Grandma's which was my personal worst for road marathon.
The course has alot of hills which I like better than a flat course anyways. I felt better after 18 miles- that always surprises me that I feel better later in races then those middle miles.
I ran the first 11 miles with Marius and Lynn Saari, she was taking it easy ocassionally running backwards wondering what was taking Marius and I so long. She had a 100 miler comming up in two weeks so she was doing the relay with my friend Deb. At 11 miles, Lyn said she had better take off and she was out of sight before I knew it. Lynn and Deb still ended up taking 2nd place masters. My other friend I went up there with- Linda took third place masters - she ran with Sheri Storcamp who I found for her after posting the need for someone for her to run with on DRS.
Paavo has a party with a band in the park and this year was the best. They have 1.00 beer and cheep food and the awards. It is nice to see awards, they are usally over before I ever get done. The band played late, our group were the only ones left at the end.
I should try to make this a better post but my daughter is bugging me to get off the computer.
It is good to be just 10 races from my 50 by 50.