Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting Better

It has been 3 weeks since my injury. I finally feel like I am on the mend. I went to the community center with my daughter yesterday to work out. The treadmill was too painful to walk on after a little bit even going very slow. I felt ok on the eliptical and standionary bike. I did not work up a sweat. I will try tonight to push a little.
My left leg still has some numbness. My low back in one spot is sort of painful to the touch -it sort of feels like something is wrong with the left hip too but I am sure its just the radiating nerve thing from the spine.
I got lucky that my vertigo I had my 2nd week did not continue much after getting off the over the counter motion sickness meds- I was on them for 4 days. My doc thought the motions sickness would take up right where it left off before I started the med but it was not as bad as it was before that. I did stay off the computer for the first two days because wearing my glasses made me the sickest.
I was sort of lucky that I did not have to decide whether to go to the snow shoeing marathon and 1/2 marathon this past weekend and whether to do the full or half. It was so cold. I miss running so much. I miss being being outside, I like feeling like I am tough. I gained 5 pounds!!! I watched the biggest looser last night and think it helped my diet motivation.
I have got to decide what to do now? Go to a specialist? Have another epidural? I signed up for Grandma's marathon yesterday- I have to get better now.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Road block

I had high hopes for this comming year. Everything was going good.

I was hopping to do at least 12 marathon or higher races.

My premilinary race schedule was:

Feb- that 50K in Kansas

April- McNaughton 100

May- Superior 50K

June- Fans 24 hour and Grandma's

July- Afton 50K, 1/2 Voyageur marathon, and Voyageur 50 mile

August- Lean Horse 50 or 100 or Pikes Peak marathon if I was lucky to get in.

September- Superior 50 Mile

October- Twin Cities Marathon and Whistlestop marathon.

But now I have no idea what I will be able to do.

I had some left sided soreness during and afer the extreme snowshoeing on Saturday the 29th, I thought it was just from not being used to that much climbing and the extra effort it takes running in showshoes. I had also sort of rolled down a snowey hill but did not think anything of it. I did some heavey lifting on Sunday and it seemed to make me a little bit sorer. I felt like I needed a chiroprator visit in the worst way. On New years Day I all of a sudden, while walking through Target developed this horrible left sided back pain that radiated down the side and front of my left leg. The pain was constant worse when I moved. It got worse through the day and evening to the point of not being able to straighten up. I did not go to the emergency room I knew sitting for hours waiting to be seen would be worse than just laying on the couch.

I went to the doctors office the next day- I had to duck walk out to the car and get into a wheelchair at the clinic, walking more than a few feet even bent over was impossible. I was sent for an MRI at CDI. My Doctor called me back that same afternoon telling me I had a Herniated Disc between 3-4. He suggested a epidural.

Being that I work for CDI, I was no stranger to this procedure, never thought I would be one needing one. It was scheduled for the next day.

The Rad at CDI came in and said it looks like you have two problem discs like it would be a toss up which to do but he stated "Your doctor wanted 3-4 so lets do that". Great I have more than one problem disc!!!

The pain during the final part of the Epidural was so horrible I don't know if I would ever do it again- but after that I had significantly less pain. I did not feel as much pain after the initial numbing wore off but still felt pain, although less, when I tried to straighten up.

When I was able to get up I was searching the computer for possible answers to the big question- Will I be able to run ultras again!!! I talked to Adam the runner and blogger with some questions about his herniation which made me feel hopeful.

For now it is wait and heal I guess.