Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 races

I signed up today for a race I probably shouldn't have- Big Horn 50 mile race. It fills up fast so I did not have time to think about it any more. It sounds like so much fun. I have no idea about anything- how to get there, where to stay, or if anybody will come with me but I just know I have to go. I kind of said I would forgo Big Horn for kentucky but I can't help it I just can't wait another year!!!
I am training pretty hard (for me) right now and feeling very good. There is a 11 hour time limit for the Kentucky race so I have lots of work to do on my speed. I have done 50 in under 11 but only on the road not on trail.

So far my schedule for 2009 is:
March- Land between the Lakes 50 mile race in KY
April- McNaughton 100 mile
May- Ice Age 50 mile or Superior 50K
June- Fans 24 hour and Big Horm 50 mile
July- 1/2 Vouageur marathon and Vouageur 50 mile. Afton 50K depending on the family 4th of July schedule(darn 4th of July)
August- Paavo Nurmi marathon
Septemeber- Sawtooth 100 mile- (unless I suck REALLY bad at McNaughton but I really want this for my first race at being a 50yr old-scarey)
October- Twin Cities Marathon and Wild Duluth- the 100K (depends upon the cut off, I havn't looked yet)
Novemeber- Surph the Murph 50K
I am going to volunteer at Chippewa since I have been one of those selfish runners who just run and never volunteer and its two weeks after my first trail 100 so I might still need the rest.
I might be tight for my 50 by 50 since I only have till end of August but on paper it's there.